Chen Yuan Fan – Master Custom Cutlery Maker

Master Chen specializes in the design and production of custom collectable cutlery and functional fighting knives and swords. His specialities include Traditional Chinese Imperial Swords, Japanese Samurai Swords, Roman Era Swords and Daggers, and Fantasy designs.

Cutlery enthusiasts can enjoy an incredible selection of Master Chen's original custom pieces at affordable prices. Master Chen uses the highest quality materials for his custom production knives and swords giving each piece a magnificent final look and feel. Oak, Marble, Gold and Platinum are only a few of the very special materials used in the production of his custom pieces.

Customers may order any of the above materials in the design of their custom knife or specify which materials they would like to use for their piece.

Master Chen also has an in-house apprenticeship program which provides the aspiring cutlery maker the ability to learn hands on with one of Taiwan's leading experts in the art of knife and sword making.

Chen Yuan Fan Knife Arts – Traditional Feeling, Traditional Excellence!


【BLADE SHOW】2005 Blade Show & International Cutlery Fair

【BLADE SHOW】2006 Blade Show & International Cutlery Fair